Stand For Quality Care in New Jersey

We support the following legislative initiatives to maintain and expand access to quality behavioral and mental healthcare in New Jersey:

  • S1339/A2031 Expands health insurance coverage for behavioral health care services and enhances enforcement and oversight of mental health parity laws
  • A1828 Requires institutions of higher education to provide students with access to mental health care programs and services and to establish a hotline to provide information concerning the availability of those services.
  • S945/A3065 Returns Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services to DHS.
  • S1034/A2391 Concerns Early Intervention Support Services program in DOH and expansion of program to all counties.
  • S1032/A2389 Concerns expansion of services provided by DOH mental health screening services.
  • SCR96/ACR155 Urges Governor to reopen Hagedorn Gero-Psychiatric Hospital.

It is essential that we as behavioral/mental health professionals be provided with the resources and support we need to deliver quality care to our patients.


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