Quality Care in New Jersey

Support legislative initiatives to maintain and expand access to quality behavioral and mental healthcare in New Jersey.

Oregon Behavioral Health Bill

IAM Behavioral Health supports Oregon Senate Bill 137 with ammendments proposed by the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) because we all deserve clear standards and access to quality care.

Trump's 2020 Budget

The Trump Administration wants to cut $1.4 trillion in Medicare and Medicaid services. Tell President Trump that the budget won’t be balanced on the backs of healthcare, and other commitments that help to preserve the American Dream. If this budget goes through, tens of millions of Americans will lose their healthcare, and access to critical services. Hospitals and clinics would close as a result of the proposed budget. 

Workplace Violence Survey

Behavioral health professionals should not have to spend their workday worrying about being attacked. But all too often we’re assaulted by those we are providing care for. Employers often do not prodivde the resources necessary to keep us safe. Share your story:


Our healthcare system is broke. The United States pays more for healthcare than any other country. But millions of people are not insured… Everyone deserves a fully funded and functional healthcare stystem. The only way to do that is to support a Medicare-for-all plan.

Mental Health Parity

The work of behavioral health professionals needs to be valued the same as other forms of healthcare. Stand up to ensure that the law is not only inforced but strenghtned so that we are treated with the respect we deserve.


IAM Healthcare is working in a bi-partisan fashion to create a fair and equitable healthcare system for both patients and behavioral health professionals:


IAM Healthcare is fighting to achieve a safe, fair and equitable healthcare system. This fight includes making improvements in our workplaces and making change in the State House and on Capitol Hill. We stand with the lawmakers who support medicare-for-all, federal safe staffing limits, mental health parity, ending workplace related violence, and safe staffing in the VA (Veteran Affairs). Join our fight!